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The Championship Carvers. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
The Championship Carvers

1st Place Judges' Award: Chris Wood. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
1st Place Judges' Award: Chris Wood

2nd Place Judges' Award: Tomas Vrba. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
2nd Place Judges' Award: Tomas Vrba
Chainsaw Carving Championship - Sunday
by Maggie Craig
September 13, 2023

Libby's seventh annual Chainsaw Carving Championship wrapped up Sunday, September 10, with Sunday's quick carve and auction, final judging of exhibition pieces and subsequent auction, and awards. As always, the carvers produced stunning pieces of chainsaw art. This is one of Libby's premiere events, drawing exceptional talent to town for an incredible weekend of chainsaw carving.

Carving this year were Dennis Beach, Adrian Bois, Sam Bowsher, Marina Cole, Mark Colp, Rolf Doderlein de Win, Lkhagvadorj Dorjsuren (George), Joe Dussia, John Hayes, Denny Henson, Brigitte Lochhead, Bongo Love, Jacob Lucas, Alex Pricob, Annalena Shoebe, Raimondas Uždravis, Norbert Varga, Ryan Villiers, Tomas Vrba, Chris Wood and Hayden Wright.

Judges' Awards:
First place: Chris Wood (Groot)
Second place: Tomas Vrba (Cockfight)
Third place: Dennis Beach (Canoeing Bears)
Fourth place: Sam Bowsher (Ram, Eagle and Lamb)
Fifth place: Jacob Lucas (Butterflies)

Quick Carve Champion:
Joe Dussia

People's Choice Award:
Dennis Beach (Canoeing Bears)

Carvers' Choice Award:
Joe Dussia (Eagle with Fish and Crouching Cougar)

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Dennis Beach. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
Dennis Beach
3rd Place Judges' Choice and People's Choice Award

Sam Bowsher. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
Sam Bowsher
4th Place Judges' Choice

Jacob Lucas. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
Jacob Lucas
5th Place Judges' Choice

Joe Dussia. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
Joe Dussia
Quick Carve Champion and Carvers' Choice Award

The trophies. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
The trophies

Sunday Quick Carves. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
Sunday Quick Carves

Bongo Love. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
Bongo Love

Marina Cole. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
Marina Cole

Raimondas  Uždravis. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
Raimondas Uždravis

John Hayes. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
John Hayes

Alex Pricob. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
Alex Pricob

Mark Colp. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
Mark Colp

Denny Henson. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
Denny Henson

Rolf Doderlein de Win. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
Rolf Doderlein de Win

Ryan Villiers. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
Ryan Villiers

Lkhagvadorj Dorjsuren (George). Photo by LibbyMT.com.
Lkhagvadorj Dorjsuren (George)

Adrian Bois. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
Adrian Bois

Hayden Wright. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
Hayden Wright

Brigitte Lochhead. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
Brigitte Lochhead

Annalena Shoebe. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
Annalena Shoebe

Norbert Varga. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
Norbert Varga

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