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Asbestos trust benefit enrollment ends Nov. 20th
For people with health diseases related to Libby asbestos exposure
by Duane Williams, KLCB-KTNY Radio
October 4, 2012

The W.R. Grace Libby Medical Program (known as the Grace Plan, Health Network America, Triveris, or LMP) begun in 2000, ended in mid-September (2012). $19.5 million was set aside in a trust by the bankruptcy court to continue health benefits in some fashion for individuals diagnosed with asbestos related diseases (ARD) from the Libby exposure.

An approach has been recommended, but is not yet finally approved, that would reimburse people for Medicare part B premiums at $100, and an additional $30 for having "adequate coverage" (which means part D, a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement, VA, or employer based coverage). These payments would be distributed twice a year for a maximum amount of $780, basically paying qualified individuals to have insurance, which figures out to be $780 every six months. The Trust is estimating these funds to last approximately four years. The Trust will pay until the funds run out, once they are gone, they are gone. This approach has not been approved yet, and it will not be approved until it is reviewed by the Libby-based advisory committee that will be assembled AFTER close of the open enrollment period. This will be the only enrollment period EVER!

The open enrollment period opened the Saturday of Nordicfest at public meetings at the Ponderosa Room in Libby. It was announced October 1st the enrollment period will end Nov 20th.

Funds are available to ALL individuals diagnosed with ARD resulting from the Libby exposure

To enroll for trust health benefits you must complete an application questionnaire and attach proof of health insurance (send photo copies of all of your medical insurance cards).

If you are represented by a lawyer or if you are on the Grace Libby Medical Plan currently, they already have verification of your exposure and ARD. IF NOT, you must submit proof of your exposure in Libby and ARD. If you are a CARD patient (Center for Asbestos Related Diseases), they will be able to assist you as it will be on file.

All of these items must be submitted within the open enrollment period.

CARD is not involved in the Trust set up or administration in any way, but CARD will assist you in accessing the benefits to which you are entitled.

By Duane Williams, KLCB-KTNY Radio, e-mail: klcb@frontiernet.net.

LibbyMt.com > News > October 2012 > Asbestos trust benefit enrollment ends Nov. 20th
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