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Faeries. Photo by Kootenai Heritage Council.
Midsummer Night's Dream May 25 & 26
by Keith Meyers
May 9, 2012

William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream the play (1595) and ballet (1962) combined will be presented Friday May 25th, and Saturday May 26th at the Memorial Events Center here in Libby. The show is directed by Lori Stevens and Keith Meyers. Stevens, of Libby Ballet, who is the choreographer and dancing director put it bluntly. "This is going to be magical. The play and the ballet combined! Nothing like this has been done here before".

Although the show itself is well known, it is not generally known that A Midsummer Night’s Dream is also performed as a Ballet. The Original ballet by George Balanchine is about the transforming power of love. The ballet, which premiered in 1962, is based on William Shakespeare's comedy about the romantic adventures and misadventures, quarrels and reuniting, of two pairs of mortal lovers and the king and queen of the fairies. The ballet, through its themes of reality versus illusion, change versus constancy, displays love in all its guises.

This Play/Ballet combination is a challenge that Meyers and Stevens have been working on for months. "It’s a lot of work, and a lot of fun" said Meyers, who is the Acting director. "Lori and I put 'Nutcracker' together last year, so we are getting good at creating magical experiences for our community". The show features 70 local dancers and actors ranging from 3 years old to 70 years young, portraying Fairies, Bumblebees, Ladybugs and Butterflies, as well as the plays Rustics, Royals, Supernaturals and Young Lovers.

The Friday night opening show is at 7 pm, and on Saturday, there will be a 2pm and a 7pm show. Tickets will be available at The Last Straw Cafe, Homesteaders, Mountain Meadow Gifts, Rivermist, The Western News and Hav-A-Java. This production is brought to you by Kootenai Heritage Council.

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