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First round of local Prevent Program participants lose 654 pounds
The new Fall SJLH Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Program begins in August. Tuition is 100% refundable.
by St. Johnís Lutheran Hospital
July 20, 2011

PREVENT is a successful weight loss and exercise program designed to assist and motivate individuals to reach and maintain a healthy lifestyle through group activities, educational sessions, and individual guidance from their life coaches. This national instructive program is based on research and provides participants with many tools to help reach their goals. The lasting success has been shown in many communities across Montana, and has already helped area residents.

According to Matt Larsen, Registered Dietician at St. Johnís Lutheran Hospital and a PREVENT Team Leader and Life Coach, the Program targets individuals who are ready to make lifestyle changes. "We are looking for men and women who are at the point in their lives when they are ready to make healthier changes for a better and brighter future. They need to be ready to eat healthier, embrace exercising regularly, and most importantly, they must be ready to commit to healthy lifestyle changes," said Larsen. "Criteria for the group include people who have one or more of the following conditions: they are over weight, have high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol, are pre-diabetic, or may have had gestational diabetes during pregnancy."

About one in four adults (57 million Americans) have pre-diabetes. Pre-diabetes is defined as a fasting blood glucose reading of 100 to 125 mg/dl. Approximately 11% of those 57 million Americans will develop diabetes within three years, and more than half will have the disease within a decade.

Becky Brundin, Registered Dietician, Diabetes Educator, and PREVENT Program Team Leader and Life Coach if excited about to keep the program going. "Diabetes is growing rapidly, and to complicate matters further, the disease goes undetected a good percentage of the time. Only a very small percentage of Americans with pre-diabetes realize they have it. Unfortunately, people do not take the necessary steps to reduce their risk of full-blown diabetes and its numerous complications. Many studies have shown that eating a healthy diet, losing weight, and exercising regularly may reverse pre-diabetes and delay and/or prevent the disease altogether. Thatís why we encourage people to consult their doctors to get their blood glucose checked regularly; just like you would your cholesterol. This will be our second round with the PREVENT program, and we are excited with the results that we saw during the first go round; together the participants lost an amazing 654 pounds! Well over half of the participants have reached their weight loss goals, and several others are very close."

PREVENT is a 32-week diabetes and cardiovascular disease prevention program. The tuition fee is 100% refundable. The first 16 weeks is the Core Program. Participants attend weekly classes led by Registered Dietitians to create new, healthier behaviors. Patients will track and self monitor food intake and physical activity.

After completion of the Core Program, The second cycle of 16 weeks offers more maintenance and relapse support. The participants will be in regular contact with a RD/Lifestyle Coach to discuss problem solving, goal setting, barrier identification, and progress review. Tuition reimbursement will be based on the successful completion of program components.

"Meeting in a group increases the support and helps keep people motivated for long term success," added Larsen. "The PREVENT program is an opportunity for many people to get on the road to better health."

The NEW fall PREVENT Class starts Thursday August 18 at 5pm. If you are interested in the program, please attend one of the orientation sessions on Tuesday, July 26th noon or Thursday July 28th at 5:00 pm. If you canít make an orientation session, or for more information about the PREVENT program, call Becky Brundin at 406-293-0175 or Matt Larsen at 406-293-0124, or consult your physician.

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