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Libby Dam flow and flooding update - June 6, 2011
by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
June 6, 2011

Current Libby Dam outflow is ~23.0 kcfs.

Outflow is being decreased over a two hour period to 18.0 kcfs on Monday, 06 June, starting at 1100 MDT. This adjustment is to maintain the Kootenai River below flood stage elevation of 1,764 feet at Bonners Ferry. Outflow will be held at 18.0 kcfs until further notice.

Current Koocanusa Reservoir elevation is 2374.0 feet.

The reservoir is currently filling at 1 to 2 feet per day, and this rate is expected to continue.

This spring we will be actively monitoring Kootenai River conditions both above and below Libby Dam for flood control issues. The Northwest River Forecast Center (http://www.nwrfc.noaa.gov/rfc/) is updating daily forecasts for short term projections throughout the Kootenai River and Columbia Basins.

Links to those projections can be found below:

Forecasts for Libby Dam elevations and inflows:

Forecasts for Libby Dam releases

Forecasts for Bonners Ferry:

Please note the National Weather Service's disclaimer on forecasts after 3 days, and that forecasts should only be viewed as estimates.

Flood situation report for Idaho and Montana (As of June 4-5, 2011)

Temperatures will become warmer than they have been the last several days. Widespread rain and mountain snow showers continue to move into northern Idaho and northwestern Montana. This forecast precipitation, combined with heavy rainfall and continuing mountain snow melt, will keep area rivers running high through the upcoming week. Since the high elevation snowpack continues to be well above normal, many rivers will continue to run high through mid-June.

The Flathead River is forecasted to rise above activation stage on June 7, followed by an aggressive rise above flood stage by June 8.

Pend Oreille at Lower Clark Fork is forecast to rise towards flood stage later this week. This rising trend is predicted to continue well into the week of June 12.

The flood warning continues for the Pend Orielle River below Albeni Falls.

The Okanogan has been above flood stage since May 23, and is expected to continue to rise until June 11. The river is forecasted to begin rising again on June 4, reaching over 17.5 feet by the June 11. Flood stage is 15.0 feet.

The Clark Fork River above Missoula, Montana, has been above action stage since yesterday and is predicted to hit flood stage on 6 June. Flood watch is in effect. This rising trend is expected to last through June 11th.

The Kootenai River at Bonners Ferry, Idaho remains above action stage. The river is under a flood watch and is expected to rise sharply next week due to snowmelt and rainfall.

Flood warning continues for the St. Joseph River at St. Maries, Idaho. Levels are predicted to begin rising sharply June 6-8.

For more information, contact Hannah Hadley, Environmental Manager, US Army Corps of Engineers - Seattle District phone (206) 764-6950 fax (206) 764-4467, Hannah.F.Hadley@usace.army.mil

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