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. Photo by SJLH.
1st row: Shirley Harold, Jennifer Lambert,D.P.T., Amber Benefield, Carolyn Peterson, MA-CCC, SLP 2nd row: DiAnn Watson, Karrie Maas, Ahyoung Huff, M.P.T., Jessica Hartman, PTA 3rd row: Lori Benson, MS, PT, Cindy Sullivan, OTR 4th row: Josh Hunt, MS, PT Not pictured: James Druyvestein, MS, PT & Bill Salterberg, P
SJLH Patient Satisfaction Award
Rehabilitative Services Department
by Kate Bartz, St. John's Lutheran Hospital
February 1, 2008

St. John’s Lutheran Hospital Rehabilitative Services Department has won the SJLH inaugural Quarterly Patient Satisfaction Award, for their consistently high patient care performance scores. The award is based on surveys that are completed by patients who have utilized services at St. John’s Hospital over the past quarter.

Scoring a 98% on patient satisfaction for the months of July, August, and September of 2007, St. John’s Rehabilitation Department was awarded the traveling patient satisfaction trophy, a $100 team award, and individual employee certificates of appreciation for their hard work, and dedication to their patients and their profession.

The St. John’s Rehabilitative Services Department is staffed with 6 certified therapists, 1 assistant therapist, 2 technicians, 2 receptionists, and a department manager. Services are offered in Troy as well as in Libby, and both offices incorporate all disciplines of rehabilitative care. In addition to Physical Therapy, the department also offers Speech and Occupational Therapy, educational workshops and forums, and most recently, a non-invasive incontinence program called Beyond Kegels. All disciplines are offered in Libby and in Troy, as well as on an in and outpatient basis.

“We are so honored to receive this award, and it means a great deal to me and my staff,” stated Ahyoung Huff, Rehabilitative Services Manager at St. John’s. “This has been a motivator to improve and expand our services even more and win the award again next quarter.”

“The key to our success is definitely our wonderful staff. They are compassionate, and their hearts are in the right place. They thrive on helping others and making a difference in people’s lives. They take pride in their work, and are willing to go the extra mile to make each one of our patients feel special. We are all fortunate to be in a field where we get to spend every day helping people feel and function better. It is very rewarding to see patients' progress, and to be part of the successful transition from a debilitated to an independent state. Many of our patients leave the rehabilitation program with the feeling that they have made many new friends!”

Barb Dumont, RN, Vice President of Community Services, Quality Risk Manager at St. John’s stated, “The Quarterly Patient Satisfaction Award was developed to reward and recognize a department that achieved the highest patient satisfaction scores for the quarter. The staff of the winning department demonstrates our hospital’s values, especially ‘We provide compassionate, patient-centered care’.”

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