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Boat Validation Decals Needed
Current decals expire February 28
by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
February 16, 2008

Attention boaters: new boat decals are needed before you launch your boat this year.

The red validation decal obtained for motorboats, sailboats, or personal watercraft (PWC) will soon expire on February 28, 2008. The boat validation decal that is needed before launching boats this spring is green in color and is valid through February 28, 2011.

To keep Montana boaters consistent with federal boating laws that changed in 2005, state law requires Montana owners of motorboats, sailboats or personal watercraft to validate their registration every three years by displaying the following on their water craft: (1) a permanent registration decal, and (2) two validation decals that expire every three years. Boaters must have all three decals properly displayed on their boats before putting them in the water.

Boaters who have already permanently registered their boats, sailboats or PWC must obtain the two Boat Validation Decals every three years at FWP regional and area offices, or by going to the FWP website at Boat Validation Decals. Validation decals ordered over the FWP website will be delivered by mail. Be sure to bring your current registration receipt, issued by the County Treasurer, to your FWP office or have the information available when using the website to obtain the free decals.

If you are in the process of buying a boat or plan to buy one this season, the first set of validation decals will be issued to you when you permanently register the boat or PWC in your name at the County Treasurerís office. Subsequent sets of validation decals (after 2/28/2011) will be issued to you by visiting your FWP Regional or Area Office, or by requesting your decals online.

For more information, go to the FWP Montana Boating Laws page, or contact Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks at 406-752-5501.

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