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Investigation continues into Troy Revett mine accident
Michael Ivins, from Libby, killed in mine accident
July 31, 2007

Editor's Note: Below is a media release from Revett Minerals on Monday's accident at the Troy mine.
(Troy, Montana) - The investigation into an accident at the Troy Mine that claimed the life of Michael Ivins, 55 and a resident of Libby, continued today, according to Bill Orchow, President and CEO of Revett Minerals. Orchow said Federal Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) officials who arrived Monday were continuing their on-site work.

Orchow reiterated condolences to the Ivins family and friends on behalf of the company.

The Revett president added that all are grateful that two other miners were able to escape the accident with minor injuries. They were treated and released from the Libby hospital.

Orchow also commended the local and regional emergency response teams that arrived at the mine site Monday. “We were extremely impressed with both the professionalism and compassion displayed by these men and women who were here almost immediately to offer their assistance.”

The portion of the mine where the accident occurred remains closed, Orchow reported, while above-ground operations and routine maintenance in some of the underground workings has resumed. He noted decisions regarding which operations may resume when are made only after clearance is given by MSHA investigators.

Orchow said Revett will continue to work with MSHA officials and will provide additional details to the public and media as they become available.

For further information contact:
Scott Brunsdon, CFO or Doug Ward, VP Corporate
Development, (509) 921-2294

Below is a Q&A that addresses several of the questions that are being asked

Troy Mine Accident Q&A Update

Q? What caused the accident?
The MSHA investigation currently underway will determine the answer. What we do know at this point is that at approximately 10:30 a.m. Monday, a rock fall occurred at the Troy Mine, which covered a maintenance vehicle. The vehicle caught fire and the mine was evacuated. MSHA officials continue to investigate the accident, with full cooperation from mine personnel.

Q? How long will the investigation take?
The investigation is ongoing and a definitive timetable is unknown at this time. That question should be directed to MSHA officials.

Q? Where did the accident occur?
The accident occurred in the south east portion of the mine in an active mining area about 600 feet below the surface.

Q? Will counseling services be available?
Yes. Counseling services are available locally for family members and on site to talk to employees.

Q? What is the individual’s name, age, number of family members, etc?
Michael E. Ivins, age 55. He leaves behind a wife and two adult children. He had worked at the mine 2 years, 10 months.

Q? When will his funeral be held?
At this time we do not yet know. We have been in contact with the Ivins family and have offered whatever assistance we can provide.

Q? What was he doing in the mine at the time of the accident?
A mechanic, Mike was apparently getting ready to complete routine equipment maintenance.

Q? When will the mine re-open?
As of mid-morning July 31, MSHA has approved mine personnel to use portions of the service and conveyor adits to complete routine maintenance operations. Only after MSHA officials have given the go-ahead will Revett management consider re-opening other portions of the mine.

Q? Will the other employees be paid while the mine is closed?

Q? How long did it take for the Mine Rescue Team to go underground?
The mine was evacuated within the first 30 minutes. The Mine Rescue Team was mobilized and beginning rescue operations within about one hour of the notice of the accident. Because the rock fall resulted in the vehicle catching fire, the Mine Rescue Crew proceeded with all required safety gear, using the proper procedures to safely advance to the site making sure to not jeopardize the mine rescue team in the process.

The Troy Mine has two Mine Rescue Teams. Two teams are required because a second team must remain on the surface while the other team is underground. A third crew was called in from the Lucky Friday Mine in Idaho in case additional help was needed.

Q? What other support did you have at the mine during the rescue?
The additional support from local and regional response teams was almost instantaneous and greatly appreciated. Other support personnel on site included a MEDSTAR emergency medical helicopter, Troy Ambulance, Troy Fire Department, Troy Evacuation Team, Lucky Friday (Idaho) Mine Rescue Team, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department and Montana State Highway Patrol. We would like to thank these people for their efforts.

Q? Was this rock fall related to other subsidence issues?
No. The sink hole occurrences were in a different part of the mine, were on the surface, and were in an area with different geologic conditions.

Q? How many employees are there at the Mine?
Currently, there are 180 employees at the Troy Mine.

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