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Pasture Pickin. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
Pasture Pickin

There is no charge for parking, playing or listening. This is one of the only freebies in the country." - Dale Berg, Organizer

RVs and Campers. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
RVs and Campers
RVs and campers dry camp in a 1/4 mile open pasture. Potable spring water is available.

Pasture Pickin. Photo by LibbyMT.com.
Pasture Pickin
Week-long Pasture Pickin' session starts annually on the last Sunday in May and the second Sunday in August. It is by invitation only.
Bluegrass Pasture Pickiní May & August
Great music, casual, old-time, bluegrass and country pickin and singin
by Dawn Ballou and Maggie Craig, LibbyMT.com
May 20, 2005

Pasture Pickiní is a twice a year gathering of musical friends in a pasture in Libby. Once in the spring, and again in the fall, hundreds of people from all over North America and Canada gather to share music and song. Pasture Pickiní has been an annual event for more than 10 years, growing each year. This year approximately 145 RVs and campers are expected to attend the event in May and August. Pasture Pickiní is NOT a music festival. It is by invitation only.

Organizers do not charge admission or try to make a profit. It is best described by the words on their website, www.pasturepickin.com, "What Pasture Pickiní is about is friendship, bound by a love of music of all kinds, and a deep and abiding respect for one another as human beings. When friends are sick, we pray. When it pours down rain or snow, we gather around a barrel stove in the barn and play all night long. When it turns unmercifully hot, we gather beneath the trees or simply wait until later in the day, then play all night long. Most of all, Pasture Pickiní is about friends, both old and new and the music itself."

The spring session Pasture Pickiní starts on Sunday, May 29th and goes through Sunday, June 5th. The second session starts Sunday, August 14th and goes through Sunday, August 21st.

If anyone reading this story would like to participate, please remember that Pasture Pickiní is by invitation ONLY. If you donít know anyone who has ever attended, send an e-mail message to the organizers at music@pasturepickin.com describing why you want to attend.

In order to keep things running smoothly, the organizers have a few rules. Campers should note they will be staying on private ground, not a public campground. This is a dry camp situation in the middle of a pasture a few miles up Pipe Creek road north of Libby in scenic mountain country near the Kootenai National Forest.

There is a ZERO tolerance for drugs at Pasture Pickiní, with no exceptions to this rule. Anyone caught using or having drugs will be escorted off the property.

Children must be with their parents at all times and must be watched closely. Pets are welcome, but must be well-mannered and kept on leashes away from your own campsite. Owners must pick up their animalís waste droppings.

The property owners and Pasture Pickiní organizers are not responsible in any way for lost, broken or stolen property or personal injuries during the event.

For more information, contact Dale Berg at 406-293-6608, or e-mail: music@pasturepickin.com.

Directions to Snyder Field: From Libby, travel north on Hwy 37. About ľ mile across the Kootenai River bridge, take a left onto Hwy 567 (Pipe Creek Road). Travel on Pipe Creek road for 5-1/2 miles. The Snyder place is on the right, address 5502 Pipe Creek Road. During Pasture Pickiní time you wonít be able to miss the field with campers and motor homes. If you get lost, call Dale or Dorothy Berg on your cell phone at: 406-293-6608.

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  • Outside Shelter. Photo by Pasture Pickin.
    Outside Shelter
    Photos courtesy Pasture Pickin' organizers and website, www.pasturepickin.com.

    Pasture Pickin Scramble. Photo by Pasture Pickin.
    Pasture Pickin Scramble
    Photo courtesy Pasture Pickin' organizers and website, www.pasturepickin.com.

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