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Libby Community Tennis Court news
by U Serve Libby
August 9, 2011

Every Monday night you will find youngsters from 5-years old to a more mature group out on the courts to learn or improve their tennis skills. Coaches Terry Oedewaldt, Kyle Hannah and Dave Nelson are all volunteering their time to give lessons from 6:30-7:30 every Monday night this summer. From 7:30-9:00, players are encouraged to stay and play, putting their new skills into practice.

The Libby Community Tennis Courts, located on East Spruce Street near the Montana Athletic Club, are open to the public free of charge. These courts were built with donated money and services, grant money, and money from fundraisers conducted by U Serve Libby, Inc.

One of these fundraisers is the Krispy Kreme doughnut sale. Every year since 2004, U Serve Libby has sold Krispy Kremes for folks to enjoy before, during and after the Nordicfest parade. This is U Serve Libby’s major fundraiser of the year.

Through the years, proceeds have supported the community tennis court project and sometimes the high school tennis team when they were not fully funded by the school. Now that the courts are built, the main goal is to earn $1,000 to fulfill their part of an agreement with the county, city and school district to add to the maintenance fund for the tennis courts. This maintenance fund will ensure that there will be money available for such things as repairs and resurfacing when needed. Backboards still need to be added to the courts, so additional funds will be needed for that. The Krispy Kremes will be arriving fresh the morning of Saturday, September 10. They can be picked up between 8 AM and Noon at the booth in the Pizza Hut parking lot on the Mineral Avenue side. You can call Blanche at 406-293-4084 to order.

These Community Tennis Courts are an asset to Libby. Recently, Libby High School was able to host Class A Divisional here and most likely Troy will host Class B Divisional in Libby next year. Plans are in the works to host a city tournament in late summer or early fall. Local businesses, especially motels, restaurants and gas stations, benefit when this type of tournament is held here. A "grand opening" is also being planned, most likely to take place at the tournament. Donors from within the community and beyond, as well as the general public, will be invited to come and share in the celebration. The community’s support of this project over the past ten years has been appreciated and now it is time for Libby to start reaping the benefits of that support. Come join the fun!

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