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  Guest article by Alice Hayes/Team Hayes Realtors
Real Estate in Libby, Troy & the Yaak

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Team Hayes Realtors, Libby, Montana

Real Estate in Libby, Troy & the Yaak - October 2021 Newsletter
Guest article by Alice L. Hayes, Team Hayes Realtors LLC (as of 1/23/2022)

Libby Real Estate news
Alice Hayes, Team Hayes Realtors

How was the Real Estate Market in 2021?
1/1/2021 - 12/31/2021 Real Estate Figures were:
253 Residential SALES:
169 Libby; 64 Troy; 20 Yaak

184 Land SALES:
90 Libby; 76 Troy; 18 Yaak

15 Comm/Multi-Family SALES:
10 Libby; 3 Troy; 2 Yaak

42 Residential PENDING:
30 Libby; 9 Troy; 3 Yaak

24 Land PENDING:
14 Libby; 8 Troy; 2 Yaak

2 Comm/Multi-Family PENDING:
1 Libby

27 Residential ACTIVES:
16 Libby; 9 Troy; 2 Yaak

49 Land ACTIVES:
27 in Libby; 15 in Troy; 7 in Yaak

8 Comm/Multi-Fam ACTIVES:
6 Libby; 2 Troy; 0 Yaak

Interest rates are Truly Amazing! Now could be a great time to purchase.
As of 12/31/2021 - Conforming & FHA Loans:
Per Quicken
30-Year Fixed: Interest/2.875%; APR/3.843%
15-Year Fixed: Interest/2.625%; APR/3.043%

The buying and selling landscape has changed - and still continues to change.
- We are still in a “Seller’s Market” and ‘low-ball offers’ and taking plenty of time to make up your mind is no longer the case.
- If a buyer is serious about making a purchase - they need to be ready - really, really ready.
- If they have a home to sell, that process needs to already be completed and/or the sale must be very close to closing.
- If you will need to obtain a loan in order to purchase. You will need to have been prequalified and have your pre-qualification document in your hand.
- And then there is the very real possibility of Multi-Offers on the place you wish to purchase. With Low Inventory, Historically Low Interest, and Multiple Buyers - folks are sometimes missing out on the places they wish to buy.
- Delays will inevitably happen. Title companies, lending institutions, and appraisers are overwhelmed and delays are happening.
- We are hoping transactions will run smoother in the New Year - and there is a lot more inventory to choose from.

2021 has been a super busy year - and with the ‘rush to buy’ in Montana - our Inventory of Listings is at an all-time low! We are looking for listings to share with our Buyers. If you have considered selling your home, we would like to visit with you and give you some ideas of how we can help. And you never know - we just might have a very qualified buyer or buyers ‘waiting in the wings’!

Contact us for more information:
OFFICE #: 406-293-2725
Alice: 406-293-8364, alice@alicehayes.com
Jim: 406-293-1926, jim@alicehayes.com
417 Mineral Ave Ste 1 in the Mineral Plaza, Libby, Montana


Other Area Real Estate Agencies:
Blake Investment Properties
  100 Dewey Ave, Eureka, MT 59917, (406) 297-7773

Bull Lake Estates Realty

  Box 821, Libby, MT 59923, (406) 293-3325
DeShazer Ryan Real Estate
  PO Box 1448, Libby, MT 59923

ERA Lambros
  505 Hwy 2 West, PO Box 1484, Libby, MT

Irene Loveless Realty
  519 West 9th in the Libby Shopping Center, (406) 293-5969 

  or (406) 293-2725 or (800) 749-9507
Kootenai River Realty
  515 Mineral Avenue, Libby, MT 59923, Phone (406) 293-9939
Molly Montana Real Estate
  Troy: 302 E. Missoula Ave. 406-295-4400, 1-877-731-7032

   519 West 9th in the Libby Shopping Center, (800) 749-9507 
   or (406) 293-3801,  Mobile: (406)-283-1138
Nicely-Dunn Real Estate
PO Box 1230, Troy, MT 59935, 1-877-244-4600, 406-295-4600
Northwest Montana Real Estate - Dave Cox

  202 S 7th, Troy, MT 59935
  1-800-929-9885 or 406-295-1314 (home)

Northwest Waterfront Real Estate
  206 S. 5th, Hamilton, MT 59840
Realteam Real Estate
  27744 Yaak River Road, Troy, MT, 406-295-5463
Templin Realty
  Troy, Montana, 59935, (406) 295-4183

Tobacco Plains Realty

  PO Box 1157, Eureka, Montana 59917, (406) 889-3571

Real Estate Appraisers:
Skaggs Appraisal Services
  PO Box 453, Libby, MT 59923
  Phone: 406-293-7870 (Office), Fax: 406-293-7895

Home Inspectors:
BJCC Inspections
  2000 Kirby Trail, PO 155, Trego, MT 59934
  Phone: 406-882-4825, Toll free 1-877-248-6006

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